Muscle Gaining Tips

Muscle Gaining Tips

By: John Cena | Published on 14 May 2019

The dream for every bodybuilder or those looking to gain weight is to put on as much muscle as possible and get a big chest and biceps. Many people tend to believe that it is easy to put on weight, however that depends on the person. An individual with a slow metabolism usually gains weight faster than someone with a fast metabolism.

1. Choose A Plan And Stick With It

One mistake many people make is starting up a plan, not seeing results within a week or two, and then abandoning it all together. While you definitely do need to be monitoring your progress to see if the plan you're using is delivering, realize that most results aren't going to be all that noticeable until you've been on the workout for a good four to six weeks.

2. Spend More Time Out Of The Gym

Contrary to popular belief, often the best way to build muscle mass quicker is not to spend more time in the gym, but rather, spend more time out of the gym. Why? For some hardcore enthusiasts out there, they're in the gym so often breaking down their muscle tissue through weight lifting activities that they are not allowing the body enough time to repair these muscle tissues and build back stronger.

3. Look After Your Stress Levels

While you may be heavily focused on what you're doing in the gym and in the kitchen - so focused in fact that you have everything 100% on all the time, if you're highly stressed in your daily life - or if staying so perfect is causing you stress, this will without a doubt work against you. When the body is under a great degree of stress it will release higher levels of certain hormones, which will then work to break down tissues rather than build them up.


Keep these points in mind this coming season as you try to reshape your body and reach new heights in terms of your lean muscle mass.


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